Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Month of July

Still feel like I am playing catch up with everything but it is starting to get better. I will try to give you a little run down on the last month. We have been outside so much! We have been to WaterWorld, which is billed as being the largest in the nation. Carter had a blast in the wave pool which surprised us all. Connor fell in love with a slide that is alot like a giant toilet bowel that spins you around and then flushes you out. We had our buddy Nicholas come and stay. We had a blast at Dave and Busters and the Zoo with him. We have been out fishing, including today up in the mountains at Estes Park. It is about 1 1/2 hours from Denver, past Boulder and into the mountains. I was happy because Boulder has an Original Pancake House (like the one in GVR) that we stopped at on the way up. We went to Trout Haven which was like shooting fish in a barrel but the boys needed to be successful with this as they were getting pretty burnt out not catching anything in the lakes down here. It has been 'hot' here. They call out weather alerts when it gets over 90 and it has been over 90 for 18 days straight. That has heated up the lakes here so it is almost impossible to catch things from piers. Lets see what else? We went to the Spina Bifida family picnic here and went paddle boating. Carter spent a night in the ER for the staph infection in his leg that came back. We had a great time at the Museum of Nature and Science. Carter saw his first Mummy there. Totally freaked him out. The boys have been swimming alot. Connor is starting to make some neighborhood friends. The kids across the street have a roller hockey rink in their basement so that has been a lot of fun. He is taking a rock climbing class. He signed up for a school program that is one day a week. It focuses on global economics so it is perfect for him. He will be going to school downtown close to Bob on Tuesdays. He is starting an ice hockey league, and then tryout for basketball start. The middle schools here don't have competitive sports so they play on club leagues based on where they would go to school. That worked out perfectly for him! His good buddy, 'the other Connor' is coming to spend next week with us. They plan to hit Elitch Gardens and WaterWorld. Carters 10th birthday is coming up soon. He choose to have a dinner at Dave and Busters that night. I will take pictures. Speaking of pictures, below are some recent fishing ones. Fishing has been good for Bob and Connor. It is forcing them both to learn a little bit of patience (especially with each other). The first set, the really light ones (still can't find the battery to my good digital camera) on the pier are from a few weeks ago at the lake about a mile from the house. They didn't catch anything. The darker ones are from today where they took home 5 trout. Connor had the biggest at about 18 inches but Carter caught the first fish of the day. I am honestly about to throw up at the thought of eating them. My return to being a vegetarian again is getting closer and closer.